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Lifestyle Photography is all about the little moments made big. Capturing the essence of Your family, and the love you share.


"A photograph can be an instant of life captured for eternity that will never cease looking back at you"

Brigitte Bardot


Newborn Lifestyle Session

1.5-hour session, minimum of 25 digital images - £100

The weeks and months following the arrival of the newest family member are without doubt one of the most magical, transforming and beautiful times that can be naturally captured in a Newborn Lifestyle Session.

Focusing on organic moments and the love between the baby and the whole family allows me to capture the bond and to create memories that will never fade, from the comfort of your home.

The sessions are 1.5-hour long, allowing us plenty of time to capture the little toes, yawns, smiles, kisses - as well as for feeding, nappy changes and chaotic moments.

Family Lifestyle Session

1.5-hour session, minimum of 25 digital images - £100

I'm not going to dress you all in white t-shirts and make you smile at the camera to the count of three. I'd like to capture families as naturally as possible, documentary-style while framing ordinary moments worth remembering for many many years to come.

I'm not sure if photography shaped the way I see the world or the other way around, but I love celebrating the little things. At the end of the day, it's always those we remember and mean the most to us. The gestures, the touches, the smiles, the glances and laughs. Photos help us to relive those memories, to remind us how we felt once, how we loved.


My aim is to capture the true essence of your family and provide you with images you'll cherish forever.


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We had a first birthday shoot with Edina and love the natural family photos she captured! We really liked that Edina came to our home to take the photos and she got some really beautiful shots of our son (you wouldn’t have guessed he had a crazy snotty nose from the amazing pictures!) Thanks so much Edina!